The 3 Essentials for Every Leader (Part 2)

“…Initially, you think, ‘How did they miss it?’ But they didn’t miss it. We miss it. Because John 13, while a great passage, is not the metaphor – not the…


The 3 Essentials for Every Leader (Part 1)

“What are the core elements, out of all the things a leader can do, what are the three that they must do? We found that the Lead Develop Care [model]…


Growing to Spiritual Maturity (Part 2)

[On how we measure success] “So, if I view keeping people dependent on my input as my success factor, then I won’t tend to release them. But, if I see…


Growing to Spiritual Maturity (Part 1)

“While there are valid differences of perspective on what constitutes discipleship, we define Christian discipleship as a process that takes place within accountable relationships over a period of time for…


Marriage and Disciplemaking (Part 2)

“Our life is full, but we’re not pressed into busyness. When we left the marketplace, we decided we were going to move from being ‘productive’ to ‘fruitful’ and let the…


Marriage and Disciplemaking (Part 1)

“We decided from the very beginning that love is a choice. We love telling people that 54 years ago we chose the one we love; and, we’ve spent the last…


The Impact of One

“I don’t think there’s a greater way to show God’s love than to show what He’s done and changed in you – living that example to others.” – Dianne Derby


The Measurable Difference of Disciplemaking

“Disciplemaking” isn’t coaching; it isn’t just being a teacher or leader. There are distinguishable, measurable differences: disciplemakers make disciples of Jesus who make more disciples of Jesus to the third…


The “How’s” of Reaching and Discipling Millennials and Gen Z

Learn how to develop relationships (through consistent commitment) that can bear the weight of truth and the hard parts of life; how to invite these generations into deeper development and growth; and, how to win people…


Foundational Truths You Need to Know About Gen Z and Millennials (from a “we” perspective)

We experienced technical difficulties during the recording of this podcast. Thanks for your patience when things are noticeably re-recorded and overlaid; and, thanks for understanding that this whole…


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