[On how we measure success] “So, if I view keeping people dependent on my input as my success factor, then I won’t tend to release them. But, if I see that maturity and my end-goal is that they learn how to learn for themselves and teach themselves or find the resources, then I can celebrate when they no longer need me”

— Ron Bennett

The Apprentice Approach Podcast, Episode 018 is part two in our newest series on spiritual maturity – how do we know (Biblically) what it looks like, how can we pursue it, and how can we cultivate it in others.

In today’s episode, we’re jumping back into our conversation with Ron Bennett – author of multiple books*, blogger, senior staff member of The Navigators, and authority on disciplemaking. Ron has led discipleship ministries on university campuses, military bases, in churches, and in the workplace. He had a background in Aerospace Engineering and the military before coming on staff with The Navigators… but one of the most important things you need to know is that Ron is my spiritual grandfather (which we’ll get into in the podcast). Ron is a wealth of knowledge and brings practical experience and application to our conversation.

“Because it’s a process and because I know that the process involves a number of stages of maturity (this also helps me in my thinking), that I think in terms of stages. When I meet, I know that I’m picking them up at a certain stage of their journey. If I have those stages – those processes – in mind, then I can interface with them appropriately with where they are and take them – help them – move to the next stage”

— Ron Bennett

Join us for part two of our conversation with Ron Bennett as we focus on transference – moving deeper into the topic of spiritual maturity, specifically talking about cultivating maturity in others. We hear from Ron on:

  • How to identify what people need in order to grow in spiritual maturity and how to get them there
  • Practical ways to prepare people for spiritual “parenthood”
  • How does Ron “push them out of the nest,” so to speak, so that they begin to disciple others?
  • How to protect them from relying on YOU as their spiritual source
  • What happens “after” discipleship?

“I think ‘success’ then becomes when people learn how to go to the Scripture, feed themselves from Scripture, and they never become self-reliant, they become interdependent on the Body, but there is a self-ability to feed themselves and hear the voice of God… and they know how to do that”

— Ron Bennett

Want to know more about the spiritual maturity “stages” Ron mentions? Click here for the “Spiritual Maturity Profile” resource.

Interested in learning more about The Wheel Illustration Ron mentions? Click here for The Navigators’ Wheel Illustration and its applications.

*For more from Ron Bennett, visit his blog “The Adventure of Discipleship” including his books:

Jack McQueeny
Jack McQueeney

Jack McQueeney is the founder of The Apprentice Approach and is wholehearted about helping people grow, develop, and deepen their walk with the Lord. He believes that as we grow in our love for Christ, we will serve, love, and trust God for the BIG things He calls us to. Jack has been on staff with The Navigators since 1982, serving in multiple roles from assistant to the President, to Collegiate Ministry and as the Executive Director of the Glen Eyrie Group, the camp and conference ministry of The Navigators.  

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