“Our life is full, but we’re not pressed into busyness. When we left the marketplace, we decided we were going to move from being ‘productive’ to ‘fruitful’ and let the Lord teach us what the difference was in that.”

– Leah Green

The Apprentice Approach Podcast, Episode 016 is part two in our newest series on marriage, family, and disciplemaking! Click here to watch the first entry of the series.

We had the privilege of talking with Terry and Leah Green who have been happily married for 54 years, are currently in full-time ministry, and hold all kinds of wisdom from their life-experiences in being small business owners, parents, great-grandparents, and of course, following Christ.

They’ve led Marriage GetAway, a marriage retreat at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center for 14 of the retreat’s 25 years and have been on staff with The Navigators since 1995 …basically, they’re the most humble experts you’ll ever meet!

We asked Terry and Leah, knowing they’ve discipled others in every stage of their own lives: 

  1. “What have you done to protect yourself from being overwhelmed, moving out from a position of health (because we can all get unraveled pretty quick, it doesn’t take long at all)
  2. What have you done to protect yourself and your marriage from getting to that point?”

Join our conversation with Terry and Leah, as they answer that question and also share ideas (besides just saying “no”) on how to protect your marriage and your own personal walk with God. We also talk about how we can move from productivity to fruitfulness; and finally, what does it look like to be a Christian marriage verses two Christians being married?

“Wherever you are today, hold on loosely to that.. God may want to do something more with your life, not only as an individual but as a couple, and give him the opportunity. But, you have to be looking for that and searching, God: What is it you’re doing and how can we be involved?”

— Terry Green

Jack McQueeny
Jack McQueeney

Jack McQueeney is the founder of The Apprentice Approach and is wholehearted about helping people grow, develop, and deepen their walk with the Lord. He believes that as we grow in our love for Christ, we will serve, love, and trust God for the BIG things He calls us to. Jack has been on staff with The Navigators since 1982, serving in multiple roles from assistant to the President, to Collegiate Ministry and as the Executive Director of the Glen Eyrie Group, the camp and conference ministry of The Navigators.  

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