“What are the core elements, out of all the things a leader can do, what are the three that they must do? We found that the Lead Develop Care [model] – leading others, developing them, and then providing the care that they all need – encapsulates all the critical things that a leader must do, and we wanted to help them get that and also understand what that meant”

— Terry Cook

Welcome to The Apprentice Approach Podcast, Episode 019! In today’s conversation, we’re talking with Terry Cook, author, speaker, coach, facilitator, and expert on leadership. He’s been in full-time ministry for over 45 years, is a small business owner, husband, father, and grandpa. Terry’s also the founder of the Lead Develop Care Model, which is why, when it comes to the topic of “leadership,” we’re talking to him!

In today’s episode (part one of a two-part series on leadership), we ask Terry Cook:

  1. What do leaders actually do? (breaking down the Shepherd Model)
  2. What is the Lead Develop Care Model*?
  3. What are the primary responsibilities of a leader? (has that changed over the years?)
  4. Why commit to developing as a leader?
  5. And, whose job is it to develop my leadership? (my leader or me?)

“We felt like what leaders really needed was not just another exhortation to ‘be a godly leader,’ as critically important as that is, not just an exhortation to, you know, ‘walk with Jesus,’ as critically important as that is as well. What they needed is, what we came up with, what we called a ‘framework for the practice of leadership.’ When you go into the office on Monday or Tuesday, what do you do? We felt like leaders didn’t have a framework. It’s really similar to what Dawson Trotman [founder of The Navigators] did with The Wheel Illustration. You know, out of all the things that are involved in discipleship, is there one key framework that kind of summarizes the core components of discipleship? And as Dawson studied John chapter 15 and came up with the six elements of The Wheel, it just helps all of us know what we need to be working on today. And so, that’s why we felt the need to establish a leadership focus to give them a framework* that would enable them to know what to do – not just what to be – but also what to do to actually lead others effectively.”

Join us for part one of our conversation on leadership with LDC Model founder Terry Cook! You can also find more from the Lead Develop Care Model, including their blog, resources, trainings, and contact at www.leaddevelopcare.com.

Jack McQueeny
Jack McQueeney

Jack McQueeney is the founder of The Apprentice Approach and is wholehearted about helping people grow, develop, and deepen their walk with the Lord. He believes that as we grow in our love for Christ, we will serve, love, and trust God for the BIG things He calls us to. Jack has been on staff with The Navigators since 1982, serving in multiple roles from assistant to the President, to Collegiate Ministry and as the Executive Director of the Glen Eyrie Group, the camp and conference ministry of The Navigators.  

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