When Your Love Compels You to Go Through the Roof

How can we have a heart for people? By carrying them to the feet of Jesus. “We are chosen, to be holy and blameless before him in love; we are…

12 min


The Art of Invitation

It sounds so simple on the surface, but the art of invitation is an incredibly difficult skill to master, especially if it doesn’t come naturally. As we’ve talked about discipleship,…

5 min


How We See, Understand, and Choose Evangelism

“This is what I know right then: the world is brokenhearted and full of suffering, and if you listen to what life needs instead of what you need from it,…

8 min


Evangelism and Discipleship

“God can use anybody with a willing heart.” —Scott Morton It’s pretty easy to share a coffee, share about your day, and maybe even share some struggles. But what about…

6 min


Who Are Your Friends?

“Being a disciple begins with proper relationship to Jesus Christ and having on your heart what is on His. Making disciples begins with evangelism. As one person put it, the objective in the…

4 min