Why The Apprentice Approach?

There is great need for a transformational, multidimensional approach to discipleship. In a 2015 study on the state of discipleship, The Barna Group concluded that churches need the approach “that The Navigators has historically embraced and imparted: relational, intentional, organic (rather than systemized) and spiritually transformative.”

Who Leads The Apprentice Approach?

A team of authentic leaders, experienced disciplers, and dedicated apprentices to Christ leads this initiative. Spearheaded by Jack McQueeney, The Apprentice Approach is an offering of The Navigators who have been practicing this kind of life-to-life apprenticeship for over 90 years.

What is Offered Through The Apprentice Approach?


One- to two-day regional events where people who want to master the art of discipleship and live a more meaningful life are introduced to this transformational framework. They are not lectures or seminars. Designed around tables, they create space for participants to process, discuss, and connect with fellow apprentices. Learn more about hosting a Roundtable or find one near you, contact theapprenticeapproach@navigators.org.

In-Depth Training

Offering more comprehensive experiential training, these two- to three-day events expand on the foundations of the framework, equipping you to more readily take this multidimensional approach into your unique context.


Monthly emails focused on discipleship that provide tools, encouragement and resources.


Our Blog and Podcast dive into the joys, challenges and opportunities of discipleship, connecting you with leaders who share real truths about being a disciple, discipling, and life-to-life ministry. You’ll learn principles and practices that can be easily applied today.

Practical Downloadable Tools

Relevant, time-tested, easy-to-use tools and practices to equip you as you grow, build and multiply.